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February 2012 - Gippsland Garages & Sheds Formal Qualifications Explained.

In my own experience, one of the most annoying (purchase) experiences you can have is when you pay for a product or service that, once you get to use or operate it, is not what you expected, or thought you were getting. It happens in many businesses, & can often be due to a failure of the salesperson to clarify a simple question, or highlight certain features of a product to a potential client or customer.
The oversight may be an unintentional, unskilled or amateur mistake on behalf of the salesperson.
Alternatively, it may be part of deliberate strategy to get a any cost. ie, with no concern with the clients needs or concerns once the customer is paid up and  'over the line'.
The impact of not having a clear understanding on what a client is getting for their money when it comes to a significant purchase like a garage or shed is amplified significantly. Consider that many steel garages and shed projects can require budgets from $3,500 to $25,000.
This value purchase is often the third highest value purchase a consumer will outlay, behind a house and motor vehicle.
What is the difference between us and the competition when it comes to clarity on deciding on which steel building is right for our client?
  1. We take the time to determine what the clients requirements are in regard to the scale of the building. We have a custom size option (off our benchmark design software) to provide buildings with size change options down to 1mm. This allows us unmatched flexibility in design & size to perfectly match a clients ideas with their available proposed build site land.
  2. We offer a Preliminary Permit Compliance Check. Combining our plans and drawings with some simple owner provided detail, we can perform a Precheck to validate if the proposed new steel garage or shed will comply with local building, planning and authority regulations. This ensures a 'no surprises' outcome for our clients. These checks are provided at no up front cost to assist us in understanding from the outset where a building can or cannot be installed.
Trust is not something easily won in any business and the garage and shed industry has unfortunately attracted many less than desirable operators. Operators who are ineffective business people with poor customer service skills, business owners with minimal or incompetent finance, transport, planning and logistics ability.  Garage and Shed retailers with little to no regard when it comes to knowledge of Building and Plumbing Industry Commission regulation and obligations.
For this reason, despite having over 20 years of direct Steel Garages and Sheds industry experience, In 2007 I (proudly) become a Registered Building Practitioner and Licensed Plumber in class 10A buildings. I also have Certification in Materials Planning, Logistics and Transport.
Do these qualifications have advantages to the consumer?
Putting it another way: Would you allow the service, maintenance and repair of a brand new car be performed by a back yard, unqualified mechanic?
 Would you risk allowing an unqualified installer build you a steel garage project that, budget wise, could be the third largest capitol spend you ever do?
The unique formal and specialized qualifications that I have are not seen inany other local Garage &Shed competitor.
Our objective is simple. Offer a highest quality product, with informed, formally qualified services and support, at competitive pricing. We welcome any feedback, suggestions, requests or ideas to continually improve, from Plans to Completion at Gippsland Garages & Sheds SIDACH Wonthaggi.
North Wonthaggi Primary School Colorbond Carport Woodland Grey/Evening Haze 8.0m x 8.0m x 2.4m

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