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New Supplier Network "Broker" Options

We are proud to announce that effective from April 2014, we have been able to secure a new and unique supplier arrangement. This effectivley & efficiently expands our building kit supplier network. It means we can now source our quality steel buildings from four independant supplier partners. These suppliers buildings all meet stringent quality and engineering requirements that meet or exceed the demands of our harsh, coastel environment.
This could be compared to 'broking' for our clients the best solution for their building kit,

based specifically on their requirements but with additional focus on budget.
It makes sense that everyone wants the "best" building that their money can buy, and maximum 'bang for buck'  or return on investment. With the rise of 'online only' building kit businesses, it highlights the gap between a premium, (EG Bluescope/One Steel/Australian Made, heavy duty) building kit and the more budget focussed products.
To make an automotive analogy, its is not ideal to sell only Mercedes models when many in the consumer market understand that a Holden, Ford or Toyota are a highly regarded option!
We are aimed at supplying our buildings to the consumer who understands the longer term value of quality.We will not be utelising inferior imported steel, or cutting back on engineering design and strength.
As the saying goes "The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten"
Our values are simple: Offer a range of quality options, with transparent explanation of the differences between them so that a client can make an informed decision.
We welcome any feedback or suggestions, thank you.