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April 2016

Sidach & VIP Sheds Collapse.

To clarify and expand on the previous Blog regarding our supplier network. Gippsland Garages & Sheds have been using Aline Building Systems as our core building supplier for over 2 years. We support our past clients who received Sidach and VIP range buildings with our usual after sales service and support, however, we have not had any business, financial or working relationship with Sidach National, Sidach or VIP Sheds since our supply relationship with Aline began. For people affected by the Sidach & VIP Sheds failure or anyone who has concerns about our supply of Sidach or VIP products in the past, you are welcome to contact me direct on 03 5672 1327.

Our Supplier Network

While there are many garage and shed suppliers in the industry, i have hand picked our main supplier network based on a couple of simple principles:
  1. Quality of materials and design strength. Our buildings are supplied by manufacturers that offer appropriate design strength in the buildings to suit our rural environment. Also, our suppliers continue to use high quality steel products, and avoid cheap, imported, non Australian Standard steel.
  2. Delivery lead time: Our supplier network provide reliable delivery timing, and follow up, after sales support.
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