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Technical Plans & Support for the Owner Builder

 I offer administration document packages below specific to Plans and Drawings to support your D.I.Y Project: See Package Options Below

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Bronze Package



Site Plan Only

•Detailed Drawings of the existing structures

•Property Boundaries

•Proposed Location of the new building

•Concept Drainage Plan

Silver Package



Additional Plans to Support Lodgement

•In addition to Package 1

•Full Elevations, Levels and Contours

•Bush Fire Attack Level Assessment.

•Title and Plan of Subdivision Search

•Dial Before you Dig Reports

Gold Package



Site Visits

•In Addition to Package 2

•Attend site and conduct site measure.

•Basic Planning Code Assessment.

•Residential Building Code Assessment (Wall Height on Boundary - Set Backs Checking)

Platinum Package 


$1,794.00 (Domestic) - $2,772.00 (Farm)


Planning Permit Application Services

•A Planning Permit is sometimes required due to specific Planning Overlays of the property. (Separate to a Building Permit)

•We offer a Planning Permit Service where applicable for lodgement via the Vic Smart Portal.

•Preliminary Planning Assessment included in costs.

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